Braided Garter Stitch Scarf

A very simple plaited scarf, with a slight twist: the braiding is done after all three strands are joined at both ends.

Before braiding:
the scarf, before braiding

After braiding:
the scarf, after braiding

Dimensions: 77" by 7" (196cm by 18cm) (unbraided), 71" by 5" (180cm by 13 cm) (braided)


Needles: US 10Ĺ / 6.5 mm

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky (100g, 137yds/125m) 3 skeins: one each of Bare, Taupe, Pewter

The sample scarf used nearly a full skein of each color. I had approximately 12g/15yds of the Taupe and Pewter left over, and the entire scarf weighs 250g, so I used about 75g of Bare.


Base: Cast on 27 stitches in Taupe, and work 11 rows of garter stitch. (You may slip the first stitch of each row to produce a neater selvage.)

Strands: Work 9 stitches in Taupe, drop the Taupe, join the Bare and work 9 stitches, drop the Bare join the Pewter and work 9 stitches.

Work the three colors separately at all times. Do not intertwine them as for intarsia.

Top: When the scarf is long enough, break all the yarns and join the Pewter yarn at the top of the Taupe. (This is to avoid the two-colored purl effect on the right side. If you are using one color, just knit across.)

Work 11 rows in Pewter, and bind off.

Block the scarf gently, as appropriate to the yarn. For wool, soak it in tepid water with a little wool wash, blot it dry in a towel, and lay it flat to dry. (Minimal level blocking, really - all we want is for the stitches to settle into their homes.)

Braiding the scarf: Itís easy enough to do: pretend that the ends are loose, and braid as normal. After every 4 or 5 twists, undo the twists at the bottom. (Itís like undoing a tangle in yarn. Except easier.)

Tack down the crossings if you wish.

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