Mini Mittens Ornament

When you're in the mood for something quick and tiny...

mini mittens blue 20071223


Yarn: Sample used less than 2g/5yds of Knitpicks Swish in Capri.

Needles: DPNs or circs (magic loop or two circs) to give you a fabric you like with the yarn you're using. Sample used 2.75mm DPNs.


Cast on 8 stitches, join (without twisting) to knit in the round, knit 9 rounds, decrease to 4 stitches, run yarn through stitches to do a purse-string closure, pick up two stitches on the side for a 2 stitch i-cord thumb, work one round, bind off.

Repeat for the other mitten.

Cut a piece of yarn about 8"/20cm, tie it to one mitten, string the other mitten on it, and twist the yarn until it folds back on itself. Tie the ends together, and that's it!